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Custom Made G-Tube/J-Tube Pads

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5 Pack

$14 each

7 Pack

$19 each

Custom orders welcome - many options available!

CUTIE P'TUBIES REUSABLE pads are triple layered. The first layer is cotton with an adorable design. The second layer is an absorbant organic cotton batting, and the third layer, which is prewashed, is an organic cotton fleece to lay against the skin. To help those with sensitive skin from tape they are finished off with a smooth, plastic snap to help hold them securely in place. No more finding those IV gauze pads half hanging off, or turned, or even off completely hidden in the folds of a shirt.

Customer Satisfaction is our Goal!

3 Pack

$9 each

“We are sooo excited to share this
 family portrait of one of our tubie 
clients who LOVES his Cutie P'Tubies 
so much that they had this picture taken.
Single Pad Sales Are Available!